Boat launches on San Juan Island

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A man in Florida shows us how not to launch a boat.

You can launch your boat at the following places on San Juan Island:

Jackson's Beach is located just south of Friday Harbor.  To get to Jackson's Beach from downtown Friday Harbor Drive up Spring Street and take a left on Argyle Avenue.  Follow Argyle up and over the hill then take a left onto Pear Point Road.  Follow this road for roughly half a mile and take a right down on to Jackson's Beach.  The boat launches at the very end.

Snug Harbor is located on the northwest side of San Juan Island.  They charge $10 to launch your boat each way.  Parking for your vehicle and trailer is five dollars per day. August 4th, 2014 Update: Snug Harbor's boat launch is no longer open to the public.

San Juan County Park as a public boat launch.  The park is located on the west side of San Juan Island. Launching a motor, wind or human powered vessel between May 1 and September 30 requires a permit and a quick lesson to remind visitors that this is a sensitive marine environment. The permit and the lessons are in response to the National Oceanographic And Atmospheric Administration proposed regulations to close the west side of San Juan Island to most boating activities. The permitting and lessons should take no longer than 10 minutes and are available from the park from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.. The permits are $7 per day or $35 per season.

Roche Harbor is located on the northwest side of San Juan Island.  Roche Harbor charges $10 in then $10 out and $10 for parking.

Shipyard Cove is southeast of Friday Harbor on Pear Point Road.

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