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San Juan Island is a small island in the corner of the Pacific Northwest with a small town and a small population.... but don't let this fool you ... the San Juan Islands have a healthy and diverse group of citizens who are constantly getting together and doing interesting and creative things. It is no surprise then that there would be several websites and newspapers that keep track of the island's happenings.

Friday Harbor Now - Friday Harbor's newest online news, information and events website updated daily by owner/editor Sherry Otis. Find Friday Harbor Now on Facebook as "FRIDAY HARBOR."

The Journal was one of the first newspapers, if not the first and is still in business and online today. Right about the time the dot com bubble was bursting a couple of local islanders launched their very own online only news source for the San Juan Islands called the San Juan Islander.

Probably the first online news source for the San Juan Islands was launched by someone who was probably the island's first website designer. This someone is Ian Byington and he still maintains his San Juan Update almost daily with photos, events, and interesting tidbits about islanders and local life.

The Island Guardian is another local favorite specializing in local politics that is updated daily by the editors, columnists and contributors.

DestiCam.com features high-quality WebCams positioned around the San Juan Islands which are great for checking the weather, ocean activity, or observing the natural beauty of the San Juans.

Local Bloggers

There are many island residents who maintain weblogs and these are a great way to keep track of what is going on in the islands and what people are up to. Just visit DestiCam.com and click on the "all local bloggers" link to see the page that is updated every hour with residents blog posts and photos. You can also find a list of local bloggers and links to their blogs there as well.

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