Friday Harbor Car Rental

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Even if  you left your car at home, you can still enjoy driving around beautiful San Juan island.

I know packing for a trip can be hectic, and sometimes you forget something. If you forgot to pack your car, or are among the many people who choose not to drive to San Juan island via the San Juan Ferry, you can still drive around San Juan island and Friday Harbor. Car rentals in Friday Harbor are available from two places. M&W Auto has been selling and renting cars in Friday Harbor for over twenty years. While they offer a choice of passenger vehicles and trucks, Susie's Mopeds, which specializes in moped rentals (hence the name) offers Chevy Trackers, small Jeep-like vehicles, for about a hundred bucks a day.

You can also rent bikes and boats in Friday Harbor and on San Juan Island: For a complete list of San Juan Island vehicle and bike rental options, check out our Friday Harbor Car, Boat and Bike Rental Directory here.

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